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Never Type a Grocery List Again – Just Speak It

Your Voice is the Only Tool You Need

With HoneyDo, creating a grocery list is as simple as having a conversation. Whether it's your partner's request for tonight's dinner ingredients or your own mental checklist, HoneyDo's AI transforms your spoken words into a neatly organized shopping list.

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Original Voice Memos

Want to hear the original request? HoneyDo saves your voice memos, so you can revisit them for clarity—or just to hear your partner's sweet reminders.

Shared Lists

Whether it's your partner or roommate, anyone with access can add or remove items on the fly. And with iCloud integration, your lists are updated across all devices instantly.


One subscription, endless convenience. Share HoneyDo with up to 5 family members, making it a household staple for everyone's errands.

Your Visual Grocery Assistant

Pic to Pick

See something you want to cook from a magazine or a friend's dinner plate? Snap a picture, and HoneyDo's "Pic to Pick" technology will identify the ingredients and add them to your list. It's like having a personal sous-chef in your pocket, preparing your shopping list for you.

Transcription screen of the HoneyDo app.

From Miscommunication to Harmony

A Marriage Saver *

HoneyDo understands the little things that keep a relationship sweet. No more frustration over forgotten items or miscommunication. Just tell HoneyDo what you need, and it will be synced to both you and your partner's phones. Keep the harmony at home with a shared grocery list.

* While HoneyDo can't guarantee a perfect marriage, it can certainly take one item off the "things we argue about" list.

Multilingual Magic

Any Language, One List

Parlez-vous français? ¿Hablas español? No matter the language, HoneyDo is your polyglot assistant, ready to understand and organize your grocery needs in any tongue.

Multi-language capabilities of the HoneyDo app.

Start Simplifying Your Grocery Runs Today

Download HoneyDo and experience the future of grocery shopping. Your voice is all you need to ensure you never miss an item again.

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frequently asked questions, answered

▸ Does HoneyDo handle different accents or speech patterns?

Our AI is designed to understand a wide range of accents and speech nuances, ensuring that everyone can use HoneyDo with ease.

▸ Is HoneyDo suitable for large families?

Absolutely! With family sharing, up to six family members can use single subscription.

▸ Is there a limit to the length of voice recording or the number of items I can add to a list?

For subscribers, there are no limits. You can add as many items as you need and record voice memos of any length.

▸ Can I use "Pic to Pick" for recipes or dishes with multiple ingredients?

Yes, "Pic to Pick" isn't just for single items. Snap a picture of a recipe or a dish, and our AI will break it down into individual ingredients or recognize the entire dish, allowing you to add everything you need to your list with ease.

▸ Can I still add items to my HoneyDo list manually if I need to?

While HoneyDo is optimized for voice input, you can certainly add items manually. It's not the preferred method, but we understand the need for flexibility.

▸ How do I edit my HoneyDo list after creating it?

To edit your HoneyDo list, simply speak to the app as you would in a conversation. For example, if you initially said "We need two gallons of milk," but then realize you need less, just say "Actually, just one gallon of milk will do." Or if an item is no longer needed, say "No, we don't need eggs anymore." HoneyDo will update your list accordingly, reflecting the changes in real-time.

▸ How do I know if all items were correctly identified by HoneyDo?

HoneyDo provides an AI transcription of your voice recordings, allowing you to see exactly what items have been added to your list. If you're unsure about any item, you can always listen to the original recordings. This ensures that every item on your list is just what you intended.

▸ Is there a limit to the number of people I can share my HoneyDo list with?

There's no limit to the number of people you can share your list with. However, to sync lists, each person must have an iCloud account.

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